Seeker Avali [PC/QUEST] [VRC/CVR]

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Built for customization, this avatar comes with:

  • Good performance ranking (40842 tris)
  • FBT compatibility
  • Full VRC supported visemes
  • Over 30 different expressions
  • Over 25 body and face customization shapekeys
  • Substance painter and Photoshop texture files
  • Digitigrade leg option​ (PC only)
  • MMD world support​
  • Quest version (14,981 tris)
  • 2 Alternate hairstyles
  • Hoodie, socks, and armwarmers
  • Physbones and Avatar Dynamics interactions. (headpat and nose boop)
  • Aquavali species variant and duster outfit
  • Substance painter files for everything listed
  • ChilloutVR support (search up "avali" in CVR to try!)

Coming soon!

  • More alternate hairstyles
  • More outfits and accessories
  • Species variants
  • And more!

Required files

  • the latest VRC SDK
  • Poiyomi 7+ (semi optional, if you want to edit your avali's colors directly in unity)

Optional files

By purchasing this avatar you are agreeing to the following terms of service

You may

  • ​Modify the files for personal use
  • Sell modified files as commissions to other owners of this avatar (texture edits*, custom body shapes, ETC)
  • Create and distribute/sell new assets (such as outfits, hairstyles) that are compatible with the avatar
  • Use the model on other VR/game platforms
  • Use for Vtubing
  • Add your info to the credit if you edit the avatar, or remove it entirely if using privately
  • Upload as public with credit intact

You may not

  • Redistribute or commercially sell any of the original files, modified or not​
  • Claim unmodified files as your own creation, or claim the original avatar as your own creation.
  • Upload the avatar as public without credit

*If you want to take texture commissions without owning the avatar, you can purchase the substance files separately.



My Website

Special thanks and credits:

Avislime for teaching me many unity things and just general help with the entire project

The Star Seeker Discord for helping me test and giving me feedback

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Seeker Avali [PC/QUEST] [VRC/CVR]

21 ratings
I want this!